Friday, May 24, 2013

Mentally ill boy chained for seven yrs

Twelve-year-old Prabin Adhikari of Indrapur VDC-3 in the district has been confined in his house ever since he started suffering from mental illness seven years ago.
According to Prabin’s mother Susmita, he started showing odd behaviour when he was just four. She said teachers at a school in which Prabin was enrolled advised her to keep him at home as it was difficult to deal with his odd behaviour in the school.
Prabin is one of the twin sons born to Susmita and her husband Tulasi. Another son Prawesh, however, is healthy. Tulasi went to Malaysia when the twin sons were around three years old and healthy. “When I returned home four years later, I found Prabin in such state,” Tulasi said, adding that they were forced to tie his feet with chains after he started running amok.
Susmita said she took Prabin to a witch doctor for treatment on the advice of local people before visiting various hospitals in Nepal and India. She, however, said all her efforts to treat Prabin went in vain. Tulasi said it is really difficult to support his family as he cannot go to work because of his responsibility to look after his ailing son.

Published @ The Kathmandu Post Daily on: 2013-05-24 

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